Presenting the
Dissolvable that's
Ready to run.

KLX Dissolvable Frac Plug

Get Ready for more completion efficiency.

Introducing our newest downhole innovation—the KLX Dissolvable Frac Plug. This proprietary technology delivers all the benefits of a traditional frac plug—but without the need for bottom hole intervention for removal. That means our customers are now better prepared to complete extended reach horizontal wellbores with more efficiency.

Our dissolvables are engineered to isolate effectively and dissolve efficiently, no matter the wellbore conditions. With a rapid dissolution rate and wide range of operating temps and salinity, the KLX Dissolvable Frac Plug delivers strong completion performance at any stage. And all with zero mill out, effective isolation and minimal downtime.

Read our case study and learn what makes our ultra-efficient dissolvable frac plug the best on the market.

  • No mill out necessary for plug removal—saving operators rig time and cost
  • Larger bore size results in higher flow back and faster dissolution
  • Compact design means faster dissolution and less material
  • Handles a temperature range from 80 to 275 °F
  • Dissolves quickly and reliably, resulting in faster time to production

Dissolvable frac plugs are just one of many proprietary KLX Energy Services advancements. In fact, we’re always working on new technologies that help streamline customer operations. It’s just one more way we bring mission-critical readiness to your completion—along with the talent and equipment you need to help your operation get ahead.

KLX Dissolvable Frac Plug

System Specifications

  • Anti-Preset Load Transfer Built into Robust Design
  • Accurate Dissolution Times Based on Salinity and
    Temperature Variables
  • Sets with Standard Baker 10 or Baker 20 Setting Tool
  • 10,000psi Differentially Rated & Tested
  • Temperature Range: 80 to 275 °F